What if the government doesn't have it under control?

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What if the government doesn't have it under control?

Join us!

We are facing a climate emergency and need fundamental change!

Let's be clear!



The window to avert existence-threatening planetary warming is closing rapidly!

"We have the choice: Collective action or collective suicide."

Ant├│nio Guterres (2022)
Secretary-General of the United Nations

We are the last Generation.

We come together and offer resolute non-violent resistance to the fossil-fuel madness of our present. We are society's will to survive!

We still have two to three years in which we can leave the fossil-fuel path of annihilation.

What will you do in these two to three years - what is your responsibility? Listen to our presentation   ÔÇô online or offline ÔÇô and decide!

ÔÇťThis is a fossil fuel war. ItÔÇÖs clear we cannot continue to live this way, it will destroy our civilization.ÔÇŁ

Svitlana Krakovska (2022)
Leading Ukrainian climate scientist

ÔÇťAny further delay in concerted anticipatory global action on adaptation and mitigation will miss a brief and rapidly closing window of opportunity to secure a liveable and sustainable future for all.ÔÇŁ

IPCC Sixth Assessment Report


Find your place in the Last Generation at this unique moment in human history. Because we are all the last generation that may still be able to stop the complete ecological collapse of the earth, whether we want it or not.


Are you convinced that everything has to change? Have you had enough of the ignorance and inertia of those in power? We are ready to give everything. With your donation you can help us to do this.

Online presentations (in german)

Every Thursday & Sunday on Zoom!

A lecture about the climate catastrophe, the denial of reality and the possibility of taking responsibility at this unique point in human history.  The first step to get active!

In-person presentations (in German)

30.01.202319:00Weilheim ObElementar, Apothekergasse 8, 82362 WeilheimErnst
30.01.202319:00WeinsbergSub Dorsch, Hauptstra├če 4Sonja
31.01.202319:00AhlenB├╝rgerzentrum Schuhfabrik, K├Ânigstra├če 7Malte + Christian
31.01.202319:00HannoverForschungsinstitut f├╝r Philosophie, Gerberstra├če 26Karen
01.02.202318.00PassauStudio 12, Gottfried-Sch├Ąffer Str 12Pauline
01.02.202320:00VechtaBanane, Gro├če Stra├če 1Eika
01.02.202319.00BerlinHU-Berlin 1066e, Unter den Linden 6Konni
02.02.202319:00DresdenStadtteilhaus ├äu├čere Neustadt, Prie├čnitzstr. 18Lara
02.02.202319:00M├╝nchenEine Welt Haus Raum: Werkstatt, Schwanthalerstr. 80Ernst
02.02.202318:30L├╝neburgMuseum L├╝neburg, Raum m, Willy-Brandt-Stra├če 1Nele, Eika
02.02.202319:30GreifswaldKoeppenhaus, Bahnhofstrasse 4-5Lukas
03.02.202319:30LippstadtINI-Torhaus II, S├╝dstra├če 18Gudula
03.02.202319:00HamelnSumpfblume Hameln, Am Stockhof 2AChristian
04.02.202314:00KielKosmos, Holstenstra├če 76Clara
04.02.202316:00BurgwedelTempelweg 12, 30938 BurgwedelShirley
06.02.202319:00AalenGastst├Ątte "Bei Sonja", Hirschbachstra├če 70, 73430 Aalen
06.02.202320:00MarburgTrauma im G-Werk, Aff├Âllerwiesen 3aJana, Stefan
06.02.202319:00KemptenZwingerstra├če 1, 87435 Kempten (Allg├Ąu)
07.02.202319:00BerlinKiezraum Mehringdamm (hinter dem Finanzamt), 10963 Berlin
07.02.202319:30PassauKaffeeWerk, Kirchenplatz 3
07.02.202319:00KasselKulturzentrum Schlachthof, Kemal-Altun-Platz/Mombachstr.10-12Susanne
08.02.202319:00AalenGastst├Ątte Delphi, Friedhofstra├če 12, 73430 Aalen
08.02.202319:00StralsundSpeicherhaus am Katharinenberg, Katharinenberg 35Coco
08.02.202320:00RostockOriginal Waldenberger Cafe Waldemarstrasse 52 in Rostockoffen
09.02.202319:00BerlinTU Berlin, Raum EB226, Stra├če des 17. Juni 145Simon
09.02.202319:00BonnEutopia, Thomas-Mann-Str. 36Lothar, Ren├ę
09.02.202319:00K├ÂlnOrt folgt
09.02.202319:00G├ÂttingenVerf├╝gungsgeb├Ąude, VG 1.103, Platz der G├Âttinger Sieben 7Lars, Bastian
09.02.202319:00M├╝nchenEine Welt Haus Raum: Werkstatt, Schwanthalerstr. 80Ernst
14.02.202319:00BerlinKiezladen Zusammenhalt, Dunckerstrasse 14, 10437 BerlinRaphael
15.02.202318:30HalleCaf├ę ReileinsHenrike
15.02.202319:00BerlinTU Berlin, Raum EB226, Stra├če des 17. Juni 145Simon
16.02.202319:00DresdenStadtteilhaus ├äu├čere Neustadt, Prie├čnitzstr. 18Lara
17.02.202319:00HildesheimGreenpeace B├╝ro, Wollenweberstr. 6Karen
19.02.202318:00WitzenhausenB14 Soliladen - Br├╝ckenstra├če 14, 37213 WitzenhausenUlrike
19.02.202316:00KemptenZwingerstra├če 1, 87435 Kempten (Allg├Ąu)
20.02.202316:00M├╝nchenM├╝llerstr. 2, 80469 M├╝nchenErnst
22.02.202319:00K├ÂlnKulturraum 405, Venloer Str. 405Simon
22.02.202319:00RostockPeter Weiss Haus Doberaner Str. 21 RostockKay
23.02.202319:30L├╝neburgMosaique, Katzenstra├če 1Nele
24.02.202319:00SykeGleis 1, Am Bahnhof 1Eika
26.02.202316:00G├ÂttingenKulturzentrum KAZ, B├╝rgerstra├če 15
01.03.202319:00DresdenStadtteilhaus ├äu├čere Neustadt, Prie├čnitzstr. 18Lara
03.03.202319:00WitzenhausenB14 Soliladen, Br├╝ckenstra├če 14, 37213 WitzenhausenUlrike
14.03.202319:00BerlinDie Weisse Rose, Martin-Luther-Stra├če 77, 10825 Berlin
15.03.202318:30HalleCaf├ę ReileinsHenrike
19.03.202319:00DresdenStadtteilhaus ├äu├čere Neustadt, Prie├čnitzstr. 18Lara
24.03.202319:00BerlinDie Weisse Rose, Martin-Luther-Stra├če 77, 10825 Berlin
30.03.202319:00DresdenStadtteilhaus ├äu├čere Neustadt, Prie├čnitzstr. 18Lara
09.02.202319:00M├╝nsternebenan', Warendorfer Str. 45, 48145 M├╝nster
18.02.202317:00Saarbr├╝ckenEvangelisch-Kirch-Str. 27, 66111 Saarbr├╝ckenSarah, Lisa

Online talks for mothers (German)

Current future perspective for our children? Climate collapse! What will you do as a mother?

Always Wednesdays 11 am & Thursdays 3 pm on Zoom.

Picture (burning pram): Stefan M├╝ller


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