Millions of tons of food are thrown away in Germany's supermarkets every year, even though it is still edible. In view of the fact that our future food supply is not secured due to the increasingly escalating consequences of the climate crisis, this is simply absurd.

On January 24 2022, a group of determined people launched autobahn blockades in Berlin to demand that the federal government save food in the here and now and for the future. In concrete terms ÔÇô they called for a food-saving law so that large supermarkets would no longer be able to throw away good food, but would have to redistribute it. They also wanted the Climate Citizens' Council's proposals for the agricultural turnaround to be implemented in order to secure food for the future.

Five weeks of determined civil resistance followed - 69 blockades of highways and finally disruptions at ports and airports. Despite talks with the SPD and the Greens and statements from the Ministry of Agriculture that they are ÔÇťon the subjectÔÇŁ, they did not pass the law, let alone create food security for the future.

Instead, 254 arrests of peaceful citizens took place. Some of them spent more than 100 combined hours in police custody in January and February for the Save Food Act. The German government refused to take this simple first step of passing the Save Food Act already formulated by GermanZero. It failed to send a credible signal that it takes its responsibility for food security seriously. It preferred taking supporters of future food security in custody.





The peaceful resistance has strengthened the imperative discourse on the climate crisis, but has failed to overcome the deadly government stance. The proposals of the Climate Council and the urgently needed conversion of agriculture continue to be ignored, and the Save Food Act failed due to political insistence in the coalition agreement.

"The government continues to hide behind excuses, disregards the democratic climate citizens' council and is still not doing its job", said Carla Rochel (20), after she had been in Stadelheim prison for several days because of her protest for a food-saving law.

Stefan M├╝ller

To raise awareness of the tons of food wasted, people across the country have been taking edible food out of the rubbish containers and giving it away to people in front of the supermarket. They did this so that the food would not be wasted and to support the demands of the highway blockades. Some of the food was put back in the rubbish by the police. A total of 50 such actions took place.

Some, such as the Jesuit Father J├Ârg Alt or the Hamburg native Melanie Guttmann, turned themselves in for the theft of the food from the supermarket rubbish bin in order to campaign for a change in the legal situation. J├Ârg Alt has been accused of "serious theft". After high media attention, the prosecution dropped the case. He requested that it be reinstated.

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