Hier erf├Ąhrst du Schritt f├╝r Schritt, wie du bei der Letzten Generation mitmachen kannst.

Please take a minute to thoroughly acquaint yourself with our values, our action consensus and Our demands .

To get you started, we highly recommend that you listen to the talk online or locally. Here you will learn the basics about our strategies and goals. If you want to join us, you can say so after the talk. If you have already listened to the lecture or want to get in touch for other reasons, feel free to contact us directly by mail: [email protected]

You can find more information on the presentations at the bottom of the page.


Stay up to date with our campaign newsletter ÔÇô regardless of how and if you can get involved. We look forward to you ­čÖé





Our values / what we believe in

These values form the basis for all our actions as a group. We fully embrace them before we decide to become a part of the group. We regularly go through them and are mindful of them in any situation.


NONVIOLENCEEWALTFREIHEIT ÔÇô we are entirely nonviolent in actions and speech. We act calmly and respectfully but remain determined and steadfast. We avoid finger pointing and insults and do not make anyone look foolish. We also view decision-makers within the system as people. We oppose their inappropriate behaviour. We accept the consequences of our actions and stand by them with our faces and names. We tell the truth.


A SHARED VISION AND DETERMINATION ÔÇô Our focus lies on reaching our goals ÔÇô We seek to achieve sustainable change by remaining determined in and during our actions and accepting repression ÔÇô even to the point of seeing climate activists jailed for a small number of weeks / months. Together we will achieve the disturbances necessary to change the laws that currently define power relations.


REGENERATIVE CULTURE ÔÇô we do not place expectations on one another to meet certain criteria, but instead show mutual trust, support and understanding, always in relation to what each individual can and wants to contribute at the moment. We build up solidarity, trust as well as security and create space for sharing oneÔÇÖs feelings. Whenever we notice conflicts, we openly address them and make sure there is space for everyone to be seen and heard (e.g. by means of a mediation session). We strive for solutions to conflicts everyone can agree on. If we decide we do not want to follow the strategy anymore, we voluntarily resign from our mandates. Conflicts will not be taken elsewhere but will first be discussed internally. We live the change.


QUESTIONING & REFLECTING ÔÇô we question our system, ourselves, our privileges, power structures, responsibilities and actions. We continually learn new things and move forward. We revisit and reassess our theory of change on a regular basis (e.g. by means of talks, videos, discussions etc.). This provides us with a sense of security and helps us to better understand and present actions. We accept the global correlations and the close links between the climate crisis and colonialism, racism, sexism, antisemitism, classicism and ableism. We also address them publicly. We live a culture of continuous learning. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination.


EVERYONE IS WELCOME ÔÇô We accept that we are all different and that everyone can contribute their individual share. We value this diversity highly. We appreciate any form and intensity of peopleÔÇÖs contributions, especially care and support work.


TRANSPARENT STRUCTURES ÔÇô We create transparency with regards to the way decisions are made and knowledge is shared. We have a functional hierarchy, in which the core group makes sure our plan is put into action and decides on basic issues (e.g. dates, times etc.) ÔÇô always upon consultation with the work groups. We monitor and disclose any hidden hierarchies (e.g. male dominance in discussions). We openly express our own limits (e.g. if we cannot fulfil our tasks anymore).

Our consensus for action


During all our actions we abide by our values.


We are 100% nonviolent ÔÇô both in our actions as well as in the way we speak (no insults either). This applies to all points of contact within our group as well as with the public, the police and all other members of the public.


We do not interfere with moving traffic but only enter the roadway once the traffic has stopped.


We always make way for ambulances. We always make sure we are able to make way for an emergency lane (especially important if people glue themselves to the street).


We are not under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs during our actions, neither do we carry any with us.


Wir kreieren eine Stimmung, in der sich alle Menschen mit individuellen Bed├╝rfnissen wohlf├╝hlen k├Ânnen. Wir tolerieren keine Form von diskriminierenden ├äu├čerungen oder Verhalten.


No one should feel forced into taking part in our actions. It is possible to drop out at any time. If we wish to do so, we will clearly tell our attachment group.


We look out for each other. We are aware of illnesses and fears within our attachment group and know each otherÔÇÖs wishes. We act considerately.


Wir sind bereit, alle staatlichen Konsequenzen in Kauf zu nehmen. Das befreit uns davon, uns vom Staat durch Repressionen einzusch├╝chtern zu lassen, und dass sie unsere Entschlossenheit brechen.


We are aware of the fact that we are in the public eye and that our words may be used against us in the press or the general public. That is why we carefully choose what to present to the outside and how we behave.


We film and photograph our actions and publish these recordings. We stand by what we do with our faces and names.


We remain seated in our place of action and do not leave voluntarily when told to do so (neither by the police nor others). If we are personally uncomfortable with this, we may of course decide on a different course for ourselves, voluntarily get up and move.


Rules of hygiene:

  • We test ourselves for Covid on a regular basis (depending on special circumstances and the current pandemic situation).┬á
  • We make sure to keep a safe distance from people outside our own attachment group.
  • We wear medical masks.
  • We follow the current local Covid rules.

Further rules will be specified and agreed upon within the attachment group so that everyone feels comfortable.

Our demands

At the very latest, the war against Ukraine and the new IPCC's world climate report show that this is the necessary step. No more money for war and destruction of our society! Let's leave oil, coal and fossil gas in the ground around the world. We now need 100% renewable energy. We can only do this together.

We demand an end to the protective hand of the state over fossil expansion and financing. This means no more export credit guarantees ("Hermes guarantees"), i.e. an end to the financial protection of further, future projects of fossil oil, coal and fossil gas. There have been a total of 144 guarantees issued for global projects for nearly 12 billion euros since the climate agreement in Paris in 2015. [urgewald]

In Germany, the construction of projects like Nordstream 2 was already a momentous mistake for peace and food security. Building LNG terminals for fracking gas now is a mistake. We need different infrastructure now, not a change of supplier.

The federal government should issue a statement that it will cease all support, all funding, and all development of new fossil fuel infrastructure for oil, coal, and gas in the Federal Republic and around the world.

There are three ways for the government to respond to our protests: (1) make an announcement to stop the fossil fuel madness, (2) lock us away, or (3) take violent action against us in the streets. Once a constructive response is agreed upon in talks, we can put the disruptions to rest. We will return as soon as agreements turn out to be empty promises, until what is necessary is achieved.


We have a plan of civil resistance. It requires sacrifice but it can work. Find out more about it in one of our presentations! The list of presentations is updated regularly.

If you want to organise a presentation in your town, you are very welcome to send us an e-mail: [email protected]

Online presentations (in german)

Jeden Donnerstag auf Zoom! 18:00 bis 19:00 Uhr.

Ein Vortrag ├╝ber die Klimakatastrophe, die Verleugnung der Realit├Ąt und die M├Âglichkeit, Verantwortung zu ├╝bernehmen an diesem einzigartigen Zeitpunkt der Menschheitsgeschichte.┬á Der erste Schritt, um aktiv zu werden!

In-person presentations

27.05.202218:00KarlsruheRudolfstra├če 5
27.05.202218:00FreiburgHaus des Engagements, Rehlingstra├če 9
27.05.202219:00MagdeburgIn:takt, Breiter Weg 32-34
27.05.202219:15KonstanzKlimacamp, Im Pfalzgarten neben dem M├╝nster
29.05.200214:00OnlineOnline - Weshalb wir ├ľl-Pipelines zudrehenMaja & Miriam
30.05.202218:00RostockZukunftsladen, Toitenwinkel
30.05.202218:00L├╝neburgLeuphana Universit├Ąt, Geb├Ąude 14 Raum C 14.102a
31.05.202217:50StuttgartTreffpunkt: Kreuzung Paulusstr. / Seyfferstr.
31.05.202218:00LeipzigOrt folgt
31.05.202218:00KemptenK├╝nstlerhaus, Beethovenstra├če 2, 87435 Kempten
01.06.202217:45BayreuthPlectrum, Moritzh├Âfen 29
01.06.202218:00GreifswaldKoeppenhaus, Bahnhofstra├če 4/5Theo
01.06.202218:30HeidelbergNeckarwiese, nahe Theodor-Heuss-Br├╝ckeLeo
01.06.202219:00D├╝sseldorf'Raum A44, Adersstra├če 44
01.06.202220:00DarmstadtAgora, Kleiner Gemeinschaftsraum, Erbacher Stra├če 89
02.06.202218:20T├╝bingenTreffpunkt: Kreuzung Dorfstr. / N├╝rtinger Str.
02.06.202218:30MannheimNeckarwiese, am Strommast auf der Seite des ALTERsRa├║l
02.06.202219:00PotsdamMadia, Lindenstra├če 47
02.06.202219:00BerlinRegenbogenfabrik, Lausitzer Str. 22a
02.06.202219:00K├Âln'Alte Feuerwache (Offener Treff), Alte Melchiorstr. 3
02.06.202219:00M├╝nchenEine Welt Haus, Schwanthalerstr. 80, 3G mit Maske
02.06.202219:00Frankfurt am Mainclub voltaire, Kleine Hochstra├če 5
03.06.202218:00FreiburgHaus des Engagements, Rehlingstra├če 9
03.06.202219:00MagdeburgUncrowd, Johannes-Schlaf-Stra├če 10
04.06.202218:30HeidelbergNeckarwiese, nahe Theodor-Heuss-Br├╝ckeLeo
07.06.202218:00KemptenK├╝nstlerhaus, Beethovenstra├če 2, 87435 Kempten
07.06.202218:00GreifswaldKoeppenhaus, Bahnhofstra├če 4/5Theo
08.06.202219:00HamburgKita, Lobuschstra├če 29
08.06.202217:45BayreuthPlectrum, Moritzh├Âfen 29
08.06.202218:30HeidelbergNeckarwiese, nahe Theodor-Heuss-Br├╝ckeLeo
08.06.202218:50StuttgartTreffpunkt: Kreuzung Lange Str. / Calwer Str.
08.06.202219:00G├ÂttingenVerf├╝gungsgeb├Ąude 4.104, Universit├Ąt G├Âttingen
09.06.202218:00DresdenStadtteilhaus ├äu├čere Neustadt, Prie├čnitzstr. 18
09.06.202218:20T├╝bingenTreffpunkt: Kreuzung Dorfstr. / N├╝rtinger Str.
09.06.202218:30MannheimNeckarwiese, am Strommast auf der Seite des ALTERsRa├║l
09.06.202219:00M├╝nchenEine Welt Haus, Schwanthalerstr. 80, 3G mit Maske
09.06.202219:00KasselStadtteilzentrum Vorderer Westen, Elfbuchenstra├če 3
10.06.202219:00StendalFet-Bar, Osterburger Str. 25
10.06.202218:00FreiburgHaus des Engagements, Rehlingstra├če 9
10.06.202219:00D├╝sseldorfRaum A44, Adersstra├če 44
11.06.202219:00PotsdamMadia, Lindenstra├če 47
14.06.202218:00KemptenK├╝nstlerhaus, Beethovenstra├če 2, 87435 Kempten
15.06.202219:00HamburgKita, Lobuschstra├če 29
15.06.202217:45BayreuthPlectrum, Moritzh├Âfen 29
15.06.202217:50StuttgartTreffpunkt: Kreuzung Lange Str. / Calwer Str.
15.06.202218:30HeidelbergNeckarwiese, nahe Theodor-Heuss-Br├╝ckeLeo
15.06.202219:00K├ÂlnB├╝rgerhaus Stollwerck (3. Etage - Raum 507)
15.06.202220:00DarmstadtAgora, Kleiner Gemeinschaftsraum, Erbacher Stra├če 89
16.06.202218:20T├╝bingenTreffpunkt: Kreuzung Dorfstr. / N├╝rtinger Str.
16.06.202219:00PotsdamMadia, Lindenstra├če 47
16.06.202219:00M├╝nchenEine Welt Haus, Schwanthalerstr. 80, 3G mit Maske
22.06.202219:00HamburgKita, Lobuschstra├če 29
22.06.202217:45BayreuthPlectrum, Moritzh├Âfen 29
29.06.202219:30RegensburgOTH - Raum K008
29.06.202219:00HamburgKita, Lobuschstra├če 29


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