Free rides

We will use the public transport to put attention on the climate catastrophe. Our theory is, that free buses, trams and local trains in Germany can reduce the greenhouse gas emission of Germany.

Mit wenig Ausstattung, ganz unkompliziert geht es los. Wir fahren ohne Ticket, bekleidet mit Warnweste. Wir haben Flyer dabei und zeigen die ganze Zeit ein Schild zur Erläuterung des Protests.

Optionally we can do mini talks ("Train Talks") or record statements.

When? From September 1st, because that is when the 9€-ticket stops.

So läuft der Protest ab

We meet at a bus/train/tram stop. Then we check in: "How do you feel?"

Wir teilen Schilder und Flyer auf und tauschen uns über das in verschiedenen Szenarien geplantes Verhalten aus. Dann fahren wir in der Bahn gemeinsam als Gruppe. Idealerweise hat jede:r einen Buddy, mit dem er:sie in jeder Situation bis zum Ende des Protests zusammen bleibt.


Everyone who wants to! Letzte Generation will test this principle in various towns all over Germany from september.


A better, more just World for all with easy sustainable mobility The government has to take the easiest immediate measures In the all-endangering climate crisis.
Why do we talk about short showers and fuel discounts instead of saving by a permanent free public transport? By traveling without a ticket we show that we can change things by doing it ourselves.

Legal situation (german): Schwarzfahren § 265a.pdf

Help by fund

People donate 9 € every month to the fund and register through the webpage. Then they drive with public transport on their own risk and with the related legal consequences (german) If they get checked without a ticket they send the bill for the increased fare to the fund that will pay the money to them.

Website for registering:


In the existing North-, East,- South,- and West-Ticker the pictures from your action will go to the social media team.
Make sure to have one person with you who is responsible for taking pictures and short videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Calling the police voluntarily:
    Like with the dumpster diving, not everyone wants to do that. The decision should be well thought through and agreed on in the group. There is no general recommendation.
  • Gluing: We don't do that for now.