Training Sessions

If you want to join us in action, we highly recommend visiting one of our training sessions.

Your Rebel Ringer will tell you the exact place – or send us an e-mail: [email protected].

22.05.20229-17 UhrBerlinMail an [email protected]Lina
22.05.202213-21 UhrOldenburgMail an [email protected]Sonja
22.05.202210-18 UhrFrankfurtMail an [email protected]Stefan
22.05.202210-18 UhrStuttgartMail an [email protected]Moritz
22.05.202210-18 UhrHeidelbergMail an [email protected]Raúl
22.05.202210-18 UhrDresdenMail an [email protected]Christian
28.05.202210-18 UhrBerlinMail an [email protected]Lina, Henning
29.05.202210-17 UhrKemptenMail an [email protected]Patricia
29.05.202210-18 UhrHeidelbergMail an [email protected]Raúl
29.05.2022evtl. 09-17 UhrFreiburgMail an [email protected]Moritz & Benni
29.05.202208-17 UhrBraunschweigMail an [email protected]Stefan
29.05.2022LeipzigMail an [email protected]
04.06.202210-18 UhrLüneburgMail an [email protected]Miriam
04.06.202210-18 UhrGöttingenMail an [email protected]
04.06.202210-18 UhrNürnbergMail an [email protected]Maja
05.06.202210-18 UhrDresdenMail an [email protected]Christian
11.06.202210-18 UhrKielMail an [email protected]Miriam
12.06.202210-15 UhrOnlineMail an [email protected]Luca
12.06.202210-18 UhrFrankfurtMail an [email protected]Stefan
12.06.202210-17 UhrStuttgartMail an [email protected]Moritz
18.06.202210-15 UhrOnlineMail an [email protected]Luca
18.06.202210-18 UhrBerlinMail an [email protected]Lars
18.06.202210-18 UhrKölnMail an [email protected]Jasper
18.06.202210-18 UhrNürnbergMail an [email protected]Maja
18.06.202210-18 UhrLüneburgMail an [email protected]Sonja
02.07.202210-18 UhrHamburgMail an [email protected]Sonja

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